Monk: Can Not Be Missed!!

From the very first moment [url=]Monk DVD[/url:1zzd71kk] detective Adrian Monk (Shalhoub) appeared on the scene, audiences have been hooked on this intelligent and irreverent sleuth [url=]Medium DVD[/url:1zzd71kk] who uses his quirky phobias and neuroses to solve crimes in a way other detectives just can’t. [url=]The Good Wife DVD[/url:1zzd71kk] Join him now as he reunites with former colleagues and friends from seasons past. The writers and the cast outdid themselves for the final season. The plot lines were fresh, witty, and hilarious. [url=]The Mentalist DVD[/url:1zzd71kk] There are some big surprises in the eighth season – not just in the individual episodes The biggest surprise for me this season was the delightful, surprising, [url=]Desperate Housewives DVD[/url:1zzd71kk] and genuinely satisfying way that the series ended. I had thought I would be terribly sad to see the end – and for a moment there, I thought I was going to be devastated!