name of an old game

back then i have a computer whose OS is windows 3.11 (thats all i can remember).
it has a game where you play as an agent/spy with pearly white teeth, yellow hair.
its a 2D side scrolling game and you are in an island and you enter stages in form of buildings and clear them. its really challenging and fun.
anyone have an idea whats this game?

Secret agent??

download here xD ... Agent.html

yes yes yes. that’s it. thanks. uhh another thing, do you know where i can find part 2 and 3? if they’re available.

My old game is Road Rash.

My old game is Red Alert 95

My old game was Tyrian from 1995. Carrot ship for the win!

the first After Burner on Sega master system. also, The Jackal. you could play with 2 players and you drove around in these military trucks saving hostages. ahhh. such memories…

Road Rash, Battlefield, Bomber-man games are so well known games and loved by gamers too.

WOLFENSTEIN 3D 90’s first FPS ever to be created

Return to Castle WOLFENSTEIN 2001 best 3D FPS and one of the first with intelligent AI (enemies)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2003 FREE online Multiplayer Game,10th most played FPS on 2011,( still on top 10 after 8 years ) and I’m still playing it !

I’ve always hated PC games, I’ve always been more of a console kind of guy. Born and raised off of the SNES and N64 (:

Mario, Battlefield, Contra, Pokemon are old games but liked by gamers these days too. I like Mario, it is the best ever game of all time.

lols my old game was rockman :)

King Kong
Kung Fu

Kung fu panda
Mass effect
Prince of Persia

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I can still run through Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! without being knocked down, let alone KO’d. Yes, including Tyson - actually repeated the feat at a friend’s house who got his old NES working. Drunk as hell during it, and still beat Tyson without taking a hit.

I think I played that game too much as a kid.

Doom and Super Marios bros. all the way :)

Blood, Chasm : The Rift, and… StarCraft! :))