Nep League. Arashi Nino and Sho vs. Yoshimoto Geinin Team fe

I really really love this game show. It’s a really good way to practice your kanji and japanese skills.

This particular episode features the main team (Neptune Team) with special guests Arashi’s Ninomiya and Sho going against a group of Yoshimoto Geinin with our favorite Cocorico Endo and Tanaka!

Hope you enjoy! And please credit the person who got these videos MsCtrlz.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

If anyone wants to try to elaborate on the games and such they are welcome to!

I’ve never seen that show before! That was pretty funny! Arashi! Arashi! FOR DREAM~ (And the Yoshimoto crew did the Ashita ga Aru sa remix, lol)

Thanks for sharing. :D

I really wish they could bring some of the rocking Japanese game shows to the USA.

I would give anything to be on a show like this! It just looks like so much fun!
sighs Why does American TV suck so much now a days?

when they bring it to they US they have american guests and the show turns into the insert foul words here we all hate.

I know…

Hehe I loved how the Yoshimoto Team sang the Ashita ga aru song, its cute. :D

I find Nino funny too when he was bugging the other players XD

XD 5 4 3!

He’s such a genki little one!

They have been taken down. Does anyone still have these?

can someone upload to veoh pls???/ i reli wanna watch this!!!

KW reporting in. I especially enjoyed this episode. I did some digging and learned that a subbing group called Stormy Team has subbed the episode. The video is being hosted in two locations. However, you need to request access from the mods to get into the areas in which they are kept! :( I am posting a link to the Stormy Team website below for your reference. Hope this helps.


EDIT: TARGET LOCATED! Stream it online here. [url:6y7os748][/url:6y7os748]