New Ep #1048 - Downtown Cheats Again!! 04.03.2011

New episode where downtown cheats in games with other comedians. Thanks to spikebender for the link.

Only in pandora for now.

[pandora:37w47rxr] 41866171[/pandora:37w47rxr]

Direct link: … d=41866171

It’s deleted.


Not working for me either :(

edit: disregard, Pandora is just slow today, thanks for the up :)

Pandora is also slow and shit at continuous streaming. Unfortunately, it’s the only up-to-date source we get first for new episodes.

Works perfectly fine for me, but the quality is mediocre. Anyway, this is similar to the Pie Hell episode from awhile ago. :) :mm:

higher quality download:
this one has ads in it because i’m just too lazy to cut them out :)
and please dont let yourself get fooled. despite the filesize this is not 720p. still alot better than pandoras quality though.