New show from downtown

Not a video, but I didn’t see another appropriate section for this.

The following news article from NicoNico Douga,

talks about a new show from Downtown where I think they play the role of the comedian police. Can anybody more fluent in Japanese please clarify the content of the article?

I think it’s this show : ... n-sundays/

elder post on d-addicts:

I hope someone uploads it on torrent :D

Cool, I liked the couple akan police specials I’ve seen so far. Seems like it could be an interesting new bit of flavor for our good old Downtown duo. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

it’s a non-regular show that already aired like 3-4 times, and it’s called

Bakushou Dainippon Akan Keisatsu

my avatar is from that show :)