Opening Songs by Matsumoto

Before the entry of Downtown on stage, when the lights were anticipating the main stars, the voice of Matsumoto was out loud singing some crazy songs. They were really funny, and I managed to capture few of them.

To those of you ringtone lovers, here’s the first one. I think it was played just after the swimming challenge. Matsumoto lost and he had to face a batsu game (the haunted one, I think).

Enjoy. ;)

Awesome work Tiger. I love these songs.

Thanks, tiger!
Here I found some more (just click on the links, those are directed to mp3-files):

Das ist eine wunderbare Entdeckung!!

Wow, great site dude. They have the other songs I was about to post, even in a better quality than my crappy capture system.
I’m downloading all of them. I love how they suddenly explode into laughter in many of them xDD.

Danke ;)

Bitte gerne! :lol:
But I didn’t want to ruin your work! D:

[quote:1pph6v2q]this is the song that plays when the logo comes up, this seems to be the best place for it to go[/quote:1pph6v2q]

What I find fascinating is the fact that it is the very same tune from the first episode back in 1989 xD

I guess it’s like the Simpsons overture in Japan, or the german Tatort tune.