Other "funny" Japanese shows

Sorry for opening this in the films section but there was no other fitting section

the reason why I opened this thread:

do you know any other “funny” Japanese TV Show? (e.g. Human Tetris)
would be nice if the admin added a new section where people can post download links for them subbed/unsubbed

Human Tetris
Hard Gay
Japanese pranks :D


i dont know if you would consider this in the “funny” theme, but i find “hello! morning” interesting. the broadcast of the show has been stopped though, unfortunately. (was running for 7 years, i think)

Well, actually the original name from human tetris is “Brain Wall” and it’s a complement to a game show called “Tonneruzu no Minasan” or something like that.

Yry watching “Takeshi Castle”, “Oatch & Miyatch” and " Kinchan no Kasou Taishou"

hope it helps

There’s Cocorico’s show called “Ikinari! Ougon Densetsu”. It is to be a variety show that Endo and Tanaka attempt to create weird, ridiculous “legendary” feats. It, however, has been transformed into another glorified celebrity cooking show since it was moved to primetime slot.

Yoiko’s Hamaguchi’s antics in “1 Month, 10,000 Yens” competitions are really funny though.

one of my favorite shows is London Hearts hosted by London boots. It started out as a “renai variety show” with segments having to do with dating and love. One of the early popular segments was trying to catch cheating spouses like the show cheaters but the show has since spawned off a bunch of other segments which are no longer along the dating/love theme. They have great dokkiris and interesting talk segments like the popular “the women who rank each other”.

another good show is the already mentioned mechaike. They don’t do them as much but their dokkiris used to be great. And their mid-term tests segment where they make celebrities take jr. high level tests and mock their answers are hilarious.

I can’t think of other good variety shows, not up to date with what’s on anymore. Cream Nantoka was a good show too but i’m pretty sure that show’s not on anymore. there’s quite a few good late night variety shows but I can’t think of them off the top of my head . It seems like most of the shows on right now are edutainment shows taking place in a mock classroom or shows where viewers send in their “weird places/things” like Nani kore chin hyaku kei. You know how it is, when one show gets popular, every other network has to copy that show and have one just like it.

There is a funny show that I have been trying to find. I think it is called something like allstar athletes? It may be just part of another show, but its about people trying to do these crazy hard tasks. Like running across spinning circles and then jumping on a target that is in the middle of a pool of water. Maybe someone can help me figure it out.

Oh! What about Takeshi’s Castle? I love that show! Anyone know where to find some of the original episodes?

The guy who sings in the Police batsu used to be in Takeshi’s too.

fortheshire :

I think you are talking about the All-Star Athletic Games segment on Haneru no Tobira. I love that show! They also have this crazy segment where these guys wearing bug costumes have to complete some sort of crazy stunt and if they fail, this lady wearing a spider costume eats something nasty and then breathes on them. :D

i just remembered one show i watched…

super junior ehb (exploration of the human body) - subtitled

though i only found it in youtube. just search: super junior ehb
and you’ll find them. have a nice watch~

there may be other funny shows but i wouldnt watch it…
DOWNTOWN are the only hosts, members that liven up a show for me…

even LINCOLN would be lame if downtown were not involved
… dont bash me!!! 8o

Run For Money is a good show…Celebs gotta run away from and stay alive before time runs out with also doing specific missions…Good show, I remember when Fujiwara was on it and Yaguchi Mari and one of the Kano Sisters…aah, good times there…

I gotta say, Downtown is ridiculously hilarious, and I’m trying to satisfy my hunger for more comedy from Japan. I know about Cocorico (sp?) and Hard Gay, but that’s about it.

I was hoping someone would know, and would share the names of some other shows, and maybe where to download some of it.

I know there are a bunch crazy game shows also. (Brain Wall)

Niko-niko Punsuka Hamuemon is a favourite of mine, and I often wonder if it is available for download anywhere.

Details of the show here: [url:d2ekhlv2]http://cardhouse.com/japan/hamu.htm[/url:d2ekhlv2]

Hilarious hamster color game!

Maybe its because I’m a gamer, but I recently fell in love with Gamecenter CX, hosted by Arino from the comedy group Yoiko. Some links to subbed episoded were recently posted by DonMoonie and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Here’s some clips from a show called vermillion pleasure night, it’s a kinda funny sketch comedy show, and you can find lots of it subbed on youtube.

Here are two from a particular favorite sketch of mine called juvenile delinquent Takako.

Takako shoplifting

Takako smoking

There are more takako episodes on youtube

Oh, while I’m at it: here’s a hilarious video featuring Yaguchi Mari, part of the first generation of Morning Musume. Morning Musume appeared together with downtown in quite a few older shows i’ve seen, and I’m sure lots of other gaki fans here know who they are.

Anyways, in this episode, Yaguchi meets an obsessed fan in a prank.


Here’s a show you should watch, called “Game Center CX.” Here’s a review giving a brief look at the show.

Part 1 of the review-a brief overview of the show’s concept:

Part 2 of the review-the reviewer’s top five episodes countdown

does anyone happen to know which show hard gay is actually a part of? i’ve only just been getting in to japanese tv so it’d be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: thanks!