Other funny japanese TV/Game Show

Hey guys,

i just wondering if there more other funny japanese show to watch on the internet (downtown is still the best ;D but i need some alternation^^)

i just found a show in youtube names human tetris

but some bastards dont name the real name of the show… :@

Human tetris is called "Nôkabe" (brain wall) and it’s come from "Tunnels no minasan no okagedeshita" hosts by the famous duo "TUNNELS".

I also suggest you "Meccha Ike" with NinetyNine!

I like Taka and Toshi so their show Pekepon is pretty awesome. Although, lots of their games involve puns and a strong knowledge of Japanese so…if you can handle it, go for it!

Likewise, make sure you’ve seen at least few Lincoln episodes! lol