[Other]Jinnai Tomonory, Unjash's comedy sketches

Jinnai Tomonory is a comedian and Unjash is a comedy duo. They are the first japanese comedian (or duo) that I’ve known.
Sadly most of their sketch videos were removed from the web, these are the only one I can find
Jinnai Tomonori - Peddlers
Jinnai Tomonori Can’t Sleep
Jinnai Tomonori -Pet Ban
Jinnai Tomonory - Talking to a dog
Clips I just uploaded
Jinnai Tomonory-Lost porperty center
[video:1s6lyoea]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1bmA8lmZFA&feature=related[/video:1s6lyoea] (version 2)
Unjash - Misunderstood conversation
unjash have some other sketches in english : kidnappping,dinning table,suicidal friend,doctor,fire safety…
jinnai’s others : proposing,mother’s gift, learning english-korean,dog seller,… all were removed.
If anyone have other clips please upload it,thank you :nod:

thank you so much!