OUTRAGE (Autoreiji)-Beat Takeshi's new film

[size=150:momuhs73][color=#FF0000:momuhs73][b:momuhs73]Hi guys I would like to ask to all of you if anyone knows where can I found the latest movie of the great "Beat Takeshi".
His movies name is "OUTRAGE"-Autoreiji;
I really wanna watch this film!

Please help!

If anybody could send me a link or anything else I’ll apreciate a lot.

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Thanks for helping…

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Outrage will come out on December 3rd in Blu-ray & DVD with english subtitles. It will be easier to find it (with also a more decent translation) by then.

Hence, there are no DVD-rip yet, perhaps a few crappy screeners.
And I think this should go to the Film section. :)

PD: Eu também quero ver este filme :D