Police Batsu: Itao Entrance Music!

when I watch the Police Batsu game… I saw Itao’s entrance and heard the music… I said “Huhhh… I know this song!!!” ^^ because I’m personally a fan of the JPop Singer who made the song! ^^

if you’ve watched the Police Batsu game, you should know the song Itao used for his Entrance when he was a Bomb Disposal officer =D Haha

it’s a song called: “White Breath” Made in 1997 by singer, Takanori Nishikawa of T.M.Revolution.

White Breath can be found on the T.M.Revolution Album entitled “Triple Joker”
here’s the download link for the Album:
if you prefer not to download the Album then here’s the song on youtube for you to listen to =)
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Many times in that song, I was expecting to hear “Okkusen man”