Post YOUR OWN DVD BOX Cover for GNT BAtsu games !!

[size=150:2osn6r8c][color=#FF0000:2osn6r8c] POST your GNT BATSU GAME DVD COVER [/color:2osn6r8c][/size:2osn6r8c]

If you guys Wanna put your Batsu games on a dvd You’ll need a cool beautiful and nice Dvd box Cover !

So I suggest to you guys to create your own dvd covers for each one of the batsu games you want and post it here !!!

the point of this thread is to creat a large variety of dvd covers so we can multiply the chances to get the best dvd cover ever made !!.

– 10 Oct 2010, 18:10 –

HomelessBrain’s posted dvd covers