Question about what Fujiwara said in the 24hr batsu game

Hi all! Does anyone know what exactly Fujiwara was saying whenever he enters the gym that get translates to “Watch me squeeze my breasts.” It sounded something like jiji…


there is more than 1 24hr batsu game, state which one.

By mentioning ‘Gym’ and that phrase, I think he refers to the 24h Tag Batsu, where, because of a running challenge, all the crew except for Matsumoto have to stay at a sports center.

It’s been a long time since I saw that one.

It’s the onigokko one.

Chichi yosemase (dang, the forum doesn’t display Japanese in my post -_-), and yes, the translation “watch me squeeze my breasts” is more or less correct when translating it to understandable English. (Literally it means “gathering breasts”)

why would you answer with japanese characters anyway? It’s not like he’s able to read them like the 99% of the members of this forum.

I’ve always wondered if the subber was just joking with this translation. I knew Fujiwara was doing a pec squeeze when he did this, but I thought it was some kind of “bow” or greeting. But here, he’s just trying to make them laugh?