R.I.P. Pokemon Anime Director

[b:3js29y17]Takeshi Shudo, anime director of Pokemon, recently passed away at age 61 (Oct 29, 2010). [/b:3js29y17]

[quote:3js29y17][i:3js29y17]on wiki:[/i:3js29y17]
"He was best known as chief writer of the Pokémon anime for the Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto arcs and also wrote the first three films."[/quote:3js29y17]

[quote:3js29y17][i:3js29y17]on geekologie:[/i:3js29y17]
Takeshi Shudo is also credited as the sole writer for the first three Pokemon movies, as well as many novels based on the series.

Over the weekend, Mr Shudo was found to have collapsed at a train station in Nara City and was rushed to hospital. He was pronounced dead soon after, suffering from a subarchnoid hemorrhage.

Shudo worked as cheif writer of many of the Pokemon episodes from 1997 to 2002. He also wrote for 'The Magical Princess Minky Momo".[/quote:3js29y17]

[b:3js29y17][size=200:3js29y17][color=#FFBF00:3js29y17]Rest in Peace [/color:3js29y17][/size:3js29y17][/b:3js29y17]

[size=85:3js29y17]On another note, Takeshi Shudo is NOT the creator of Pokemon.[/size:3js29y17]

Aw man. I used to love that show. RIP. ;(

Oh, I loved the Pokémon-movies - especially the shortfilms at the beginning. :confused:
Rest in Peace.

R.I.P to one of the greatest director ever. I used to love those show :worried:

I stay firm to Season 1 and Movie 1 & 2.

S1 forever <3


Movies 1 - 3 were the best movies no doubt about it though.
Season 1 is classic.


Need to follow up with the Jigglypuff orchestra.

He’d be in Poke-Paradise with endless fields of flowers with Bellossoms dancing and Pichus running around.

We should be thankful that the anime world has Takeshi Shudo. Surely, he may pass away but pokemon and poke-paradise will remain in our heart. Condolences to his family.