Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Perhaps some of you know of this manga and movie. But for those who don’t and have a distorted abstract interest in these sort of films as myself. perhaps you’ll enjoy this movie. i’ll just say that it’s one of those films that are so ridiculous that it’s actually great. but anyways, enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

I’ve seen a couple of scenes in a humor site :blink: .

Thanks for your links, I thought I was going to see a great kung fu exhibition, but it turned out to be a gorish film. The final boss… I’m speechless.

Is there a manga around? I won’t mind taking a peep.

The final battle and subsequent wall crushing brought me to tears. I love this movie! It’s not often you find a film that’s taken violence so far to the point of comedic genius.

i knew i couldn’t be the only one out of the 9000+ members that would see the genius in the movie. i can’t determine which is my favorite scene. but i must say one that is completely hilarious cause its more random than others scenes in the movie is on part 7 starting at 6:03 when the dog is just walking around minding his own business and the guy or girl (whatever he/she is) comes out and kicks him cutting him in half. thats so hilarious. poor dog. you know you’re a bad mother when you kick innocent dogs in half for no reason!

as far as a manga atreyu, this is what wikipedia has to say…a manga which later adapted to an anime series and live-action film. Created by Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya, the story is about a young man who has learned the art of Qigong from one of Chiang Kai Shek’s bodyguards and has become so strong that he can literally punch holes through people and solid objects. It was serialized in Business Jump from 1988 to 1990 and later published in 12 volumes.

Outside Japan, it was translated and published only in Hong Kong by Comicsworld in nine volumes. The only difference between the two editions, besides the different number of pages in each volume, is the absence of the short story “N.Y. Dust”, which is unrelated to Riki-Oh, in the Hong Kong edition.

Animated version - Riki-oh was released as two OAVs. The first anime was called Riki-oh: The Wall of Hell (1989). The second one was titled Riki-oh: Child of Destruction (1990). The first one is a retelling of the first few manga and the second is Riki’s adventure to find his brother, and stop his devilish cult following. Media Blasters have acquired the rights to rerelease the two OAVs in the United States on DVD, April 11, 2006, but has since let go of the licenses"

Hmmm, thanks for the info Ezo. I’m gonna take a look at the OAVs.

One may misses the free and completely out of the blue violence from the action films of the 80’s. The happy guard is patrolling, then Chuck Norris came from behind and cracks his neck for no apparent reason at all.

I may say the first ones, such as the carpenter brush one, because it caught me off-guard since I didn’t know what was the film about. I have the feeling they have chopped a lot of scenes, because I can’t imagine that much empathy from Ricky towards the wooden train man from just one meeting, as well as many other parts of the film.

(It was a shame today’s opening game. Mexico played better but SA had more chances. ¡¡VAMOS TRI!! :clap:)

haha yup. and how can one forget the most retarded pointless suicide in part 7 when his girlfriend kills herself or in Part 5 when the guy with no tongue gets the bottom of his face skinned off perfectly with one slice. man… just too many priceless moments.

One of my favorites is the extremely anti-climactic punch through the jaw near the end of the film. Actually, that sort of “anti-intensity” holds for every act of excessive violence in the entire movie. I need to give it another run through, though. If anything just to relieve some stress =D

(I’m actually pleased with how the opening game turned out… I didn’t want to see the host country get punked in the first game, but at the same time I was watching the game on Univision and I couldn’t imagine how devastating all the programming afterward would’ve been had Mexico lost. SA wasn’t too offensive until the second half, I think, when Mexico started getting kinda sloppy.)

I love this movie… It portraits a very realistic punches. However, I find it too violent and bloody… :tmi:

i don’t see where you get the too violent and bloody part… :!:

This is by far the greatest "ridiculous" Asian prison film ever made, along with the Female Prisoner Scorpion series, IMO.