Satoshi Kon Dies at 47

[i:syv6cesb]Paprika [/i:syv6cesb]and [i:syv6cesb]Millenium Actress[/i:syv6cesb] director passed away today 24th August.

There are still no more details about the story. First it was a rumour sent by GAINAX employee Takeda Yasuhiro’s twitter, but it seems Jim Vowles from Otakorp has confirmed it via Madhouse Studio ... _dies.html

Very sad news: The loss of one of the most brilliant and original anime filmmakers. He was making his fifth movie: [i:syv6cesb]Yume Miru Kikai[/i:syv6cesb] (The Dream Machine).

Tragic. Time for a SatoKon marathon.

Good night, Sweet Prince.

He was one of my favourite. Hail all his works <3

Rest in peace


Rest in peace.

Its always sad to hear about an animator passing. May he rest in peace and his works always remembered.

R.I.P. :( :( :(


wow, that topic really shocked me. Too bad, he was one of the greatest directors ever.
Alone Paranoia Agent and Tokio Godfathers- so different but both amazing.