Scorpion presents: GnT Batsu games greatest hits!

Hey everyone, not sure where this belongs, so might as well post it here. If this is the wrong section, please move it to the right one.

I had a spiritual moment last night and decided to make a tribute video featuring my favorite 24-hour No laughing moments. You might see it as a warm up for this year’s batsu game.

It’s only a 3-minute video, so I couldn’t put all my fav moments in it. Maybe if I see the light again, I’ll make a sequel or something.
And for the fight fans among us, also check out my K-1 and Muaythai HL videos :D



Great work !

Music fits perfect

I love the action at the “BOOOMS” :D

Not bad, sarutobi. You SHOULD make another one!

I must say that I can hardly think of any moment, which I miss in the video, but I think I’ll come up with sth (something) in a minute.;)
Anyway, good job, +1 for the booms, very hillarious.:D

Hahahah…just cant stop laughing at Matsumotos face when he looks at Hamada who is laughing his ass off cause yamasaki n endo got outted xPPP…hilarious…

but gr8 amv dude…

oh yea, itao ftw lol…

Really good vid ! :)

Loved it when you hear “BOOM” as they get thai kicks

Hahaha very nice video. I like it alot. :D :D

Incredible video! I love how you captured Hamada at his most vicious: that hit on Yamasaki around 2:30 looks pretty painful. The music worked perfectly throughout.

Music fits perfectly the Thai Kicku! :D

Good job, I saw it yesterday but I didn’t know you were here at the forum. :D

Thanks guys :D

Maybe next time I’ll do a proper project(and include the 24h tag), kinda did this one in the spur of the moment. Wanted to get some Jimmy Onishi and Dr Nishikawa in there as well.

Yeah, it wasn’t until I viewed it several times that I realized how hard he gets slapped :P
Chouso didn’t hold back one bit! Also notice how Yamazaki developed his “I just got epically smacked!!!”-face :D

Could you try to put it on Pandora? It’s not on youtube


This video is very good!! Great timing!