Searching for a song in Slam Dunk

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( though I am confused what happened to it )

[quote:4imo4nm6]Hey guys, I need some help.
There is an old school anime called "SLAM DUNK" and I really love that one ;D
Now there were using a song in the Anime atleast twice and I am searching for this song
As far as I know its an old japanese love song?!


Also "Ebichu" (the main character from the same short series name) kinda karaokes that song

Its going like "chururururu" almost all the time,the sub group translates it as " I´ve been rejected "
Does someone know a name or have a link for me so I can search for it?

I have already searched and asked on ffshrine and many other places and no luck yet.
I believe that I have checked on every available OST so far and haven’t found this very special song.

Maybe the gaki fans can help me :clap:


I know its been a long time and nobody seems to have an answer so far but…!

Could be someone so nice to write me down the Japanese -"what they sing" in readable roman letters for me?

Best would be from both videos, and both times its only about the song.
All I got so far is from Ebichu’s first try "Anata ni …" xD

I have never learned Japanese but I think it would help me a lot to search for it.

Thanks to anyone who have some spare time for this

The song that appears when Hanamichi feels rejected is evidently Dona Dona. It was originally called Dana Dana when it was written in yiddish for the theatrical play Esterke (1940) by Aaron Zeitlin and Sholom Secunda. It became famous in English sung by Joan Baez during the sixties.

For some strange reason, it was very popular in japanese schools, hence the characters are familiar to the song. In South Korea it was banned as it was considered a communist song, and whoever sang it was arrested.

Source: Slam Dunk - ultimate kanzenban edition, volume one.

At least that’s what appears in the manga. Hope it helps ;)

Thanks you so much. I checked the songs you mentioned. I know "Dona Dona" and heard it in some different Japanese movies.
Though I can’t find this special version of it that is in use in Slam Dunk. It does sound very similar at some point, it doesn’t at another. I am not sure right now.

But thank you again, I think is the needed step in the right direction =)

Dona-dona is just the same with what sal is looking for… Im also interested with the same music Im planning to use it on a japanese show in one of my subjects…