Shibata's Podcast

although it was a test, but it looks very promising !

I for my party fully support the Idea :)

what about you guys?!

It was all good so far for a test run. At least I found the explanation about the airports interesting (even though I’ve been to japan so I knew already), bringing in information you wouldn’t normally know just by watching the videos is interesting.

I think it’s great and well worth the listen. It’s always nice to have things explained especially if one is not too familiar with Japanese culture and language.

I really liked the explanation of the airports. Biggest problem with watching Gaki no Tsukai is when they make mention of something that the average foreigner would have never heard of. Keep it up, Shibata!

Unfortunately it won’t work with my browser.
I’m not sure why he doesn’t have a downloadable mp3 of it anyway.

Nevermind, it’s working now, but didn’t for the last 3 days. lol

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mmm… bread and bean pods. I’ve seen weirder sandwiches here in tokyo and they’re all delicious.