Sinking soil in japan


The title of the video is more alarmist than anything. However the situation doesn’t seem fake. After such a big earthquake and a tsunami of biblical proportion and a nuclear disater (well… kind of) and now this. This is some weird junk on the environment of japan. Anyone else has info on this?

woah its not fake,but i think from my rumor i think:
The land of japan is splitting around and i think the japan base land inside deep-sea is really unstable or not smooth like zig-zag soil

It reminds me Sinking of Japan Movie,yeah check the last scene…i see its pretty same than this japan condition.

IIRC, from the first video, he was on a man-made area that was originally all water, (he said so himself, I watched it on CNN the day of the quake).

Soil liquefaction is nothing new.

but i think soil liquefaction will cause much damage on japan.

Only economically, expensive to repair everything… but most of the places that got damaged have already been fixed. But sure, its a weird sight!