So, I been experimenting with a Batsu game on...

Little Big Planet 2. I have tought myself a bit of video work on it, and the Batsu games came directly to mind. I have a level started, but in the end, I cannot get something working so well, so, I figure I might just do some re-creations of scenes from a batsu game/batsu games.

Out of curiosity, What scene(s) do you think I should try to do? I have seen both Onsen, Police, Hospital, Newsreporter, 24 Hour Tag, and most of Hotelman, and currently following Shibata and co’s Spies. Any ideas guys?

Hmm, maybe I will make a 24 hour tag one, if I can think on how to do it

you didn’t watch Highschool ? :open_mouth:

Bits and pieces. I remember gum on a shoe, the teacher with the noodle, the well known 10 10 10 thing, and hamada bouncing a ball against a wall. Very spread out things. I do got to give it a full run sometime.

you must

Course. Why would I pass up on a batsu game? I definitely will.