Suga Police Game Dress Up

Producer Suga forces the boys to play games to decide who will dress up along with him.



does anyone of you know the name of the ending song?

Im sorry, no clue. You may want to put your question with the link to this episode in the request board.

Are you talking about the music that they march to?
It is the theme song for “Seibu Keisatsu” a late '70s early '80s cop show.
The one that has the credits scrolling with it is, “Minna Darekawo Aishiteiru”, sung by the main producer of the show, Ishihara Yuujiro.
It was the ending theme song for the first few shows, and the last show.

i have meant the last one.thank you very much,it is a wonderful enka song

Thanks so much for the upload! :D
I just love the music xD Always reminds me of the high school batsu and I have to laugh hard xD