Tanaka and Endo - Buddys?

Hey guys,

this is my first post and I hope anyone of you can
tell me something about the relationship between
Endo and Tanaka. I know, that they were neighbors
and grew up together. But I wanna know, how close
they are actually. There are some weird things that makes
me curious about their relationship.

I remember Tanaka being surprised when Endos brother
showed up in the hotelman batsu game, where he played
Chiakis next husband. I mean … Isn’t Tanaka supposed to
know Endos brother?

Why do they call each other with their last names?
Ok, I know that this isn’t unusual, but they have known each
other their whole life, so …!

I’m from Germany and it is very hard down here to find any information
about the Gaki no tsukai cast. I’m always very curious about private
relationships of famous people.

So, I hope anyone can tell me more about their relationship.

Greetz from Germany … and by the way, sorry for my english!

It wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t friends. Look at Downtown, they are not that close in real life.

yes, but if they aren’t close, then why did they
come together as a duo? And they have worked
together more than ten years.

Ok, when they are doing f.ex. the batsu games, you don’t
see a close friendship or something like that,
but when they do their own stuff they behave differently
especially Tanaka.

What makes me to think that there actually has to be a
close relationship is because of them spending almost
their whole life together.
-went together to school
-work together

I personally think that in such a case you have to
like this person very much to put up with him for such a long

PS: do you remember when Tanaka said, that Endo told/taught him
everything about sex :lol:

I see your point, Justice, but as Spike said: it’s basically the same situation with Downtown. They know each other for a longlong time, but working together for so long could overload a friendship, in my opinion. Being a good time doesn’t have to mean that they have to be BFF. Personally, I don’t really see a deep friendship between them - which isn’t a bad thing, because they still work very well together. I think the friendship between Hamada and Endo is more visible.

So what you are saying is that they have spent too much time
okay, that might be a reason.
I don’t know why but thats actually sad :(
because to me, Tanaka and Endo are somehow
like pizza and cheese - they simply belong together.

That’s just my point of view, but they are friends like that.

Maybe they are used to call each other by their last names, since school. Good thing to remember is that Hamada and Matsumoto used to call each other by nicknames during school ([i:3gk64es7]Mattsun[/i:3gk64es7] and [i:3gk64es7]Hamachon[/i:3gk64es7], Wiki says), but maybe dropped that after a while.

Other point was called by Justice: Endo taught Tanaka everithing about sex. Maybe that implies frendship, at least I think Tanaka wouldn’t ask such things to a complete stranger.

The “overload theory” isn’t dropped, anyways…

Yes Leo, that makes sense.
I just wonder, why there ain’t so much information
about them. From what I know Gaki no Tsukai is
very successful and usually people are interested
in the private life of popular people.

And the sex thing Leo, … thats exactly what I thought
when I heard Tanaka saying that. Because sex is such a
private thing, you surely wouldn’t ask a person, thats
not close to you or at least a good friend.

After all, I think that they are maybe just ‘normal’ friends.

Any other opinions?

Well, don’t forget that Japanese have an other mentality and a different attitude to sex.
Not complete different, but different.

Really? What is different about their attitude towards sex?

Don’t forget that in the Tanaka-focused 500 Quiz episode, there were a few answers to the questions that connected with Endou (aka: the question where Tanaka picks which school year he likes best and his answer was the the year where he and Endou were classmates. I believe there was another one but I can’t remember).

In my point of view, I see the relationship they had when they were classmate as Tanaka who respects Endou like some sort of idol or role model. I mean, they are polar opposites and all.

I think the answer to that would be to watch an episode where they are being interviewed (sorry, I tried to find the one I saw a long time ago but I couldn’t). And cross your finger for a deity to sub it.

As for the sex thing, Japan has a more open attitude to sex. You might want to [url=http://www.bookmice.net/darkchilde/japan/jsex.html:2nrzvh6q]search more on that[/url:2nrzvh6q].

I’ve been looking everywhere to find interviews
but I couldn’t find any. Damn, I really would like to know.
Don’t you know more about their relationship iniquiti? Or
do you remember anything about the episode you saw?
Seems like you’re a Tanaka Fan =)

Well as a loose rule, most duos are because they where close friends in school.
What I remember Tanaka saying in the hospital batsu is that Endou was the more mature and someone he looked up to.

ah, I guess you’re right gojinki.

Another question:
Did you guys notice that Tanaka behaves totally different
when he is doing his own shows with Endo?
He is so damn funny and laughs a lot. Ok, maybe because
he is the one leading the show (of course together with Endo).
But i would say that Tanaka is more active than Endo what is weird
when you take a look at the batsu games.
I think that they all have their role at gaki no tsukai. And Tanaka is the quiet one. Thats sad, because usually he is really funny.

PS: I hate it that they always have to form a line in a certian order

yea I’ve noticed that too, I always considered Tanaka as the quite and rarely laughing

Cool, that I’m not the only that noticed it.
I guess they do that to address also different types of
people, but If I were Tanaka, it would really piss me off.

I noticed that too, but seeing as which country we are talking about it all makes sense to me. I’m mostly thinking since Downtown are their sempai the rest are holding back since it’s that kind of culture. Other two possibilities would be being guests instead of hosts or the producers just push most of the stuff onto the most popular two being Downtown

i think here are some interesting theorys :)

I think that the name callings has something to do with the respect thing in japan. I think at least that for example tanaka calls downtown “Hamada-san” and “matsumoto-san” if i remember correctly. So maybe they don’t use the first name out of respect.

The reason that tanaka didn’t know who endo’s brother is may be that he just didn’t recognise him. They work together but that doesn’t mean that they hang out together off screen. So maybe he knows endo’s brother, he just hasn’t seen him for a long time.

Also I think that if they hung out together all the time for 30 years they wouldn’t be working together anymore or at least not that much. Imagine seeing someone everyday for decades and hanging out with them off screen, too. That would (at least in my opinion) be really annoying after some time.

I think that they are friends, just not best friends.

That is correct, saying the lastname and adding san is out of respect. calling people by their first name is very rude unless you are best friends out drinking on a friday night for example.
Why Tanaka didn’t recognize Endous brother I’m guessing was most likely not having seen him for years since Tanaka and Endou did live close to each other and hung out often during school days.
Just like other duos they work so much together they just don’t think about spending private time together and then get families etc.

Nice thoughts KiraNatsume.
Yeah I also think that it has to do with respect but
I thought that Tanaka and Endo, since they’ve known
each other their whole life, use their first names.

And the thing with Endos brother:
you both are right I guess, at least that is the only explanation.

I think I wouldn’t want to see
the same person either every single day even if she was my best friend.
By the way, how many shows are currently hosted by Cocorico?

As I said it has to do with respect and it’s just that kind of culture. Calling someone by their first name is [b:2ywqsm4w]rare[/b:2ywqsm4w] even amongst friends. Even in your circle of friends in school everyone is recognized by their lastname.

To my knowledge Cocorico hosts 3 shows at the moment:
Million Kazoku
Ikinari Ogon Densetsu

Then I know Tanaka hosts:
Tobidase Kagaku-kun