Tanaka and Endo - Buddys?

cool, thank you gojinki.
I didn’t know that.

I think I saw an episode of Otorico a couple of days ago
but I didn’t understand what they were doing there. :D

[quote:m52k3qsc][i:m52k3qsc]Originally posted by gojinki[/i:m52k3qsc]
As I said it has to do with respect and it’s just that kind of culture. Calling someone by their first name is [b:m52k3qsc]rare[/b:m52k3qsc] even amongst friends. Even in your circle of friends in school everyone is recognized by their lastname.

To my knowledge Cocorico hosts 3 shows at the moment:
Million Kazoku
Ikinari Ogon Densetsu

Then I know Tanaka hosts:
Tobidase Kagaku-kun[/quote:m52k3qsc]

actually cocorico currently only hosts ikinari ougon densetsu…the other 2 haf already ended :((

endo also used to host “endo atushi” together with atsushi from London Boots but i think that has ended recently too cuz when i tuned in last week the show didnt air so i guess it ended ;((

aww cocorico should be given more shows…and endo and tanaka too…

but about the first name part…hamada actually calls endo “shozo” in private…(thats wat i read from japanese wikipedia) so…how come hamada can develop such a close friendship with endo kun and call him shozo but tanaka cant (or at least we dont think so) -.-

Is it really such a bad thing that Tanaka and Endo aren’t BFFs? I mean, especially when you know someone that long, you usually don’t have such a close friendship (anymore). You share memories etc., but this doesn’t mean that they need to hang out 24/7.

Plus, as I already said, they don’t have to show how close they are on television. They’re colleagues on TV and it’s their job - what they’re doing privately is an other story.

It’s the same thing with Downtown: they know each other for such a long time, but they don’t need to meet each other when they’re not on TV. Matsumoto and Hamada even think it feels pretty awkward when they meet each other coincidental. So, for me, it makes a lot of sense that Hamada and Endo, who seem to get along pretty well, share a more intense friendship than they do with their friends from childhood, because it’s kind of “fresher”.

Both combis are friends. Having worked together for so long has probably cooled them down a little bit, but that’s nothing to be sad about. When Hamada did the 500 Quiz Matsumoto only beat Endou by one point.

I think so too that they are friends but maybe not are together in private beacuse they do see each other at work everyday. And Downtown is like that too (They don’t even have each others cellphone numbers).
And I have a feeling that Tanaka and Yamazaki are close, almost like how Hamada and Endo are but I don’t know.

And about the first names… doesn’t Endo call Yamazaki by his first name?

I have plenty of friends who call me by my last name, not my first. So I don’t think calling anyone by their last name makes you any less of a friend.
If I were in their shoes I’d want to be around different people in my free time especially seeing the same person for almost an entire week. It would drive me crazy. They are probably friends just not in the let’s hang out and get a drink kind of way.

So you are a japanese bobolob, aren’t you?
If so, that would be great. You could surely tell us
some things about japanese people.

But I think that you are right. Since they work together
they see each other very often so they don’t have to
hang out together. That would drive me crazy too.

No I’m not. I’m just saying that I’ve had plenty of people call me by my last name before. In fact my friend from Japan did for a spell. Naw I was just pointing out that even if you call someone by their last name doesn’t mean you aren’t friends. It seems like almost all of the Japanese comedians I’ve seen have been called by their last name. I wonder if it’s just something to do with Japanese television.

well endo calling yamasaki by his first name is cuz “hosei san” or “ho san” is yamasaki’s nickname…everybody calls him that, regardless of their senior-junior status and whether they r friends or not. it’s just like “yama chan”…to be strict u can only call girls or [i:31oul8y2]gopai[/i:31oul8y2]s “chan” but everybody calls him “yama chan”

It’s just as I’ve remember seeing or reading mentioned about Matsumoto’s and Hamada’s long-term friendship where you’ve been friends for so long that you respect the other person’s presence that it’s just become something matured and natural when you’re together as opposed to the budding friendships you’ve had years ago.

[quote:1l2x72xp][i:1l2x72xp]Originally posted by iniquiti[/i:1l2x72xp]
It’s just as I’ve remember seeing or reading mentioned about Matsumoto’s and Hamada’s long-term friendship where you’ve been friends for so long that you respect the other person’s presence that it’s just become something matured and natural when you’re together as opposed to the budding friendships you’ve had years ago.[/quote:1l2x72xp]

And Japan has more of a respectful culture. Friendship and respect walk hand in hand, feelings haven’t changed but how you behave when you where a child and grown changes. They are still good friends so there is no reason to believe otherwise.

okey okey

matsumoto and hamada are friends but don’t hange out with each other anymore
samething for tanaka and endou

But if hamada has a better fresh friend relationship with endou, and if tanaka has a good friend relationship with yamazaki , then who are matsumoto’s friends ??? are they in the cast ?? in the staff?? any infos about that ??

I think I repeat myself, but friendship isn’t about showing it on TV.

As soon as japanese youth go out of the country, perhaps for some language courses or academic exchange, they prefer their first names to be called when talking with foreigners.

Sure they are friends, but with polar characters… and that’s great too. Many manzais or even many comedian duets around the world are based in that. No matter how world’s apart they are, they can still be friends.

I need to see some of the Cocorico shows, since I haven’t seen any of them. Somehow, for me the Cocoricos are just two more guinea pigs in GnT, and I somehow share the same opinion with the kid in Hotel Batsu’s Slapping Survey: “Tanaka is not cool”… but maybe that’s because I haven’t seen anything of them separately. Well, I’m lying. I once watch a sketch with Tanaka and other guy (not Endo) that was hilarious.

In the batsus we can see how Matsumoto and Hamada talk to each other and try to trap each other as well. However, the Cocoricos mainly stay there, silent, without much talk.

There was some unfortunate survey somewhere with the question “Who’s the least funny guy in GnT”, and both Cocoricos topped the ranking. Sad but true.

About getting to know the relatives, they all knew who Hamada’s wife was. It’s the same with Matsumoto’s mother or brother. Chiaki is known because she’s some kind of celebrity. Little is known about Yamazaki… or perhaps the other guys don’t care since he’s constantly ignored :D.

yeah but as I said:
When you watch their own shows (cocorico)
you’ll be surprised how different they are (especially Tanaka).
He is so funny and he talks a lot … well actually non stop. :D
As someone wrote here, maybe it has something to do with respect.
The younger ones have to back off. And it maybe has something to do
with their position in Gaki no Tsukai.

I guess the ranking is as followed:

  1. Matsumoto, Hamada
  2. Yamazaki
  3. Endo
  4. Tanaka

Thats really sad.
I hate the fact that they are treated differently f.ex.
that they have to form a line in a certian order. Wtf X(

Well, I find Tanaka pretty cool, I really like him. :D
But each to his own.

I think the reason of having them ordered, in for example, the batsu games, might be not because of they hierarchy in the show (which is something real, and that even Hamada and Matsumoto sometimes say “respect your seniors”), but because of the judges watching each one does not laugh, and because of the events that are currently happening in the batsu game. When you watch this show you can see that each and everyone is enjoying working in it, so there’s no reason to feel different for any of the participants, believe me.
And now that you talk about this, it reminded me of a video of Gaki no tsukai at YT, where they had like guests, it was about 300 pie hell, something like that, and Hamada and Matsumoto were extending their rules against the guests and they were having fun with it, it is very funny.

I’d also like to inquire as to how you still aren’t able to discern or accept all the replier’s comments up to this moment. It’s been 2 pages, now… everyone’s response will be the same but in different wordings after this comment.

There will always be a different view through someone else’s eyes but, in the end, it is as how the majority wants and sees it that will make media organize the factor in order. Be in mind that every culture is different from someone’s perspective who is from a different culture.

Media is completely different from personal life. You can be someone/with someone through the camera and not in real life or vice versa.

I still stand with my previous comment.

Gaki is technically Downtown show so obviously Matsumoto and Hamada are going to be the stars of it. It wouldn’t be right if everyone was on an equal playing field because that would get ride of the purpose of the show, Downtown. Yama has been on Gaki since forever so obviously he has more of a history on the show, which leads to more inside jokes and more traditions. He also does crazy stuff on the fly to ensure that he is not ignored. It’s natural that Cocorico are over-shadowed because they are newer and aren’t nearly as out-going as the rest of the cast. (well in my opinion)

As many have stated, real life isn’t showed on TV. It’s easy to get into thinking that their personalities are the same as in real life (as I did for a while), although there should be a certain amount of similarities.
Well, I think, everything on TV was staged (it’s obvious to many of us). Some work is done in preparation (like outline, rough ideas, big parts, small parts, even some lines, etc.); the rest should be improvisation (for example, in live show). In Gaki no Tsukai, everyone has his role, everything is planned out(of course, having so many celebrities gathering in the day of the batsu game is difficult, if not impossible ). Downtown plays the active roles, the senior figures. Cocorico plays the quiet roles. The role Yamazaki plays is pretty interesting. He is quiet at times, central in others.
Some says that Cocorico doesn’t have enough ground to play, I disagree. Who wants to watch a show where everyone is equally funny? Their quiet roles are well played (I guess,a show should be balance, Gaki no tsukai is pretty complex!) . Although it’s kinda sad to "know" that they’re just acting on the show, their actings are simply amazing. Ahh, I do love their characters, though!

I think that their order to form a line at least at batsu games has to do with the tricks, f.e when some1 shakes their hands, Yamasaki is always the last one, cause all the pranks goes to him usually xD.
Whats a mistery for me is the leg weakness of Tanaka when he scares, damn, never saw some1 fall on his knees every single time he scares with something.