TEN.TEN.TEN - A celebration!

A very auspicious day approaches all GnT fans - JIMMY ONISHI DAY!!!

October 10th, 2010. (ten, ten, ten…!!!)

Surely, to honour this great artists memorable work on HS Batsu (and many other priceless moments!), we as fans should be celebrating this day in some way?

Maybe post some links to some of Jimmys highlight videos?
Maybe some Jimmy Onishi trivia games?..I dunno, I just thought that such a coincidental date couldn’t go by without remembering one of the funnier dudes from the Batsu games!

Here…I’ll start with the classic…


Hehe thats my friends birthday, but sure it sounds like a good plan 8)

lol thats my birthday XD

I think everybody should have an Jimmy avatar on this day!

Happy Onishi day on ten.ten.ten (Oct 10, 2010)