The Mentalist: Good Quality!!

The quality of [url=]The Mentalist DVD[/url:334uxz9o] show is very good. stories are fun, detective mystery, etc. Love the cast of this show. [url=]Desperate Housewives DVD[/url:334uxz9o] he writing is consistently good, the crimes investigated require thought in figuring out the perpetrator, but what really makes the series work is the presence of the main character [url=]The Good Wife DVD[/url:334uxz9o] - the almost nonchalant mindreader Patrick Jane. Baker knows who to keep the twinkle in his eye, even in the most potentially dangerous moments. [url=]Medium DVD[/url:334uxz9o] He never pushes his skills to make the character look like a seer, but instead inserts his penetrating opinions in a way that makes the whole teams of investigators work well together. [url=]Monk DVD[/url:334uxz9o] He is ably supported by Robin Tunney, Tim Kang (a far too underused actor), Amanda Righetti, Owain Yeoman, and of course boss men Terry Kinney and Gregory Itzin. It is a strong team playing out a clever idea for bringing justice.