The official Jimmy Onishii day

Well, it is officially 10/10/10 (Atleast where I am). As we know from his very popular English skit in the school batsu game, I think it is fair to call this day, of this year Jimmy Onishii day, and 10:10am/10:10pm the two Onishii minutes. USE THEM WISELY. :)

Hahaha, thanks for the memories Yukito! That youtube video was my first introduction to the world of GnT :D

You’re welcome. Yeah, I am sure it was alot of people’s entrance to GnT. Even more reason to celebrate it I suppose. :P

Happy Jimmy Onishii Day!

For quick reference, a link to the original video of Jimmy counting in English. [url:t889kzr0][/url:t889kzr0]

Here, it’s officially 10-10-10 10:10 pm. (ten seconds too, haha)
I will celebrate by annoying everyone by saying, ten ten ten ten… :D

Happy Onishii day!