Torrents? I will help? :D

I just got a new pc, so I guess I’m back till this pc craps out xD
But I’ve noticed that all of the torrent links that I was checking out were either from mininova (mininova went legal so no "real" torrents) or some other site that doesn’t have the file anymore. I want to help with this torrent stuff, cause I have a demonoid account, so I could download the videos and stuff, upload em as a torrent via demonoid, and I’ll seed it for a while.

I’ll post some links after I get 'em up and running. Till then, wait :P

The pirate bay torrent is still going strong. [url=]link[/url:1wh4vkfa]

yeah, but pirate bay is always having problems, and aside from that, tpb isn’t always safe man. im just offering. Lol