Tribute to michael jackson - Medley

not gaki related, but i found this amazing video.
it was just 2 peoples there, 6 vocal performing by 1 person, and 1 more @ beatbox in the left.


This Guy is amazing.
A Yale University junior is making a name for himself by honoring the legendary Michael Jackson. Along with a buddy from school he’s created a video that appears to be an a Capella group performing a Michael Jackson medley.

You might be impressed with the vocals and even more impressed with the magical editing. Turns out they’re all the same guy! Connecticut student Sam Tsui is wearing the same jeans and sneakers but 3 different shirts.

He’s singing all the parts and his classmate, Kurt Schneider, standing off to the side did all the fancy editing to form the make believe group paying tribute to Jackson

All Credits to:

am Tsui - Vocals
Kurt Schneider - Arrangement, Production


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WOW! They got a good voice blending!.. If only MJ heard this, He might be the most happy performer of the world… We love you MJ!