Which star of Gaki noTsukai are you??

Answer a few questions and you know who you really are

[url=http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/7202514/which-star-of-gaki-notsukai-are-you:1gyc9ilb]Who are you?[/url:1gyc9ilb]

(I have been told to be Tanaka :blink:)

Credits to CandyWarhol24

haha i love these kind of quizzes :clap:

I got Hamada as result XD

I’m apparently Tanaka as well :D I really am a sucker for Dynamite Shikoku, makes me laugh every time.

Haha, i would be Matsumoto!

Hahaha… I got Hamada… I guess i’m a pervert ass-kicking bastard after all!! xD

Nice quiz!!!

Apparently the first Yamazaki in this thread =D I would’ve expected Tanaka though.

2nd Yama-chan, winner of the Street Survey Derby. :D

Im Endo
the test is funny but a little bit too predictable

I got Endo :clown:


“You are quite the ladies man, and you always have the coolest hair out of all your friends. When it comes to games of skill, such as hitting bells strategically placed on the breasts of a maniquin, you are second to none. But you tend to be unlucky when in libraries, and when you are beaten, you laugh even more.”

at least i get chiaki…sorta

lol cakes i got Matsumoto but yea i agree with above it is a bit predictable but i still like it thanks for sharing XD

woot i got matsumoto to. i can spend hours on quizzilla.

Hamada for me.

This test was way too predictable and too easy to manipulate :P

I got Endo :D

Agree, it’s too predictable. But still, fun quiz :)

I got Super Sadist Hamada-san… :clap: I don’t think I’m loud but I agree that I am competitive and sometimes ill-tempered :D

Hmmm… I got Tanaka.

The quiz is predictable though lol.

Super Sadist Hamada-san

You are loud and ill tempered. Prone to countless random acts of violence. You’re own best friend says you look like a chimp. You are one tough batsu game competitor my friend.

And yes…quiz is pretty predictable lol.

I got [b:1utglgvv]Tanaka[/b:1utglgvv]
What can I say, I do look good in a bra :D

matsumoto san lol
but i knew it from the start
watching him and i tell myself id be the same way if i were in a batsu game

i got Matsumoto

[i:2oq57dz1]“You laugh easily, and are punished much. You are prone to acts of friendly fire, causing those around you to have to share your pain. You tend to rant about things randomly, and are constantly being hit over the head by your best friend.”[/i:2oq57dz1]

i did it without thinking much but the answer is so right, Matsumoto is the one who i can relate the most so i’m happy i got this result :clap: