Why video streaming?

why not just torrents, or direct downloads at least, instead of video streaming?

I don’t understand the point. What do you mean?

There are members who have a low connection speed and can’t download by torrent or ddl.
Moreover, streaming gaki videos is a good way to get it known. We all discovered GnT thanks to anonymous uploaders on Youtube, etc… ;)

But you’re right, torrent and ddl are a good way to guarantee the presence of the vid among the community. This way it can’t be deleted for copyright infringement ;)

As a uploader i just can say that on this forum, u will usually always find DDL’s and Streams of each episode. You can even get the weekly episode via torrent. Problem here is, that they don’t last for long. Also some people are unable to use torrent for many reason. (blocked by isp, low connection or more than one pc in a household etc)

Also why streams? you can watch it pretty much from every where and you have no daily download limit (i know there are some sites which have it not, but they have other limitation like file size)

Still i don’t understand the topic, since we have all 3 things at least 2 always.

well, i asked because all i could find were streams. DDLs were all MU, which sux since they bottleneck the connection. also, most of the stuff i could find were the subs alone and not with any video whatsoever. i was thinking: "Where the hell is the video?". rofl not complaining or anything.

also, i seriously don’t know how anyone could appreciate a stream. it cuts the quality of everything. it’s not good entertainment when you can’t even clearly see their faces. and IMO, torrents are even better for slow connections since you get to pause it and continue the next day, unlike streams where you wait for 30 mins. for a 10 min. video.

i guess what i am saying, if im really saying anything, is that make torrents as available, if not more, than the streams since they’re hella better and you get to archive something if the video is in good shape and you get to video share between people.

again, i’m not complaining or anything. i’m in no place to be. just a piece of paper for the suggestion box, and 2 cents for the hobo.