Words after ya Arahende?

Can anyone tell me what Hamada says after ya Arahende at the opening of the shows? It sounds like cheeky cheeky or something. I’ve always wondered and figured I would ask. Thanks :)

“downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya arahende chiki chiki _________”


Is chiki chiki a phrase that means something? I looked it up the single word chiki and found its meaning to make no sense. :)

Well, it is written in Katakana, so that might explain it. But what it means, I don´t know.

Yeah its hard to find what they mean if its a Japanese word in Katakana.

I thought it meant “presents…” or something but thats just a very vague assumption haha…

‘presents’ sounds good to me haha :)

well…chiki can mean childishness…and gaki does mean kinda brat…

and there are words like kurukuru which is something spinning. XD

so chikchiki might be emphasis on childishness, but its just a guess.

OR it could just be a sound effect lol like the sound a turntable does or something

When you see a repeating phrase like that in katakana it’s usually an onomatopoeia. I think RobPsyence is right about it being a turntable sound, since they always have those weird hip hop jams before the comedy scene starts or before they come out to do their talk segments.

The Japanese Wiki page of Gaki
says it was inspired by the Japanese title of Wacky Races, Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race.


Nice! Thanks :)