Yamasaki as "Hannibal Lecter"

^^ This is a funny clip from Gaki,
Yamasaki as "Hannibal Lecter" (English Subbed)
it’s an hilarious skit and Yamasaki speaks English too (well…tries to speak it ^^)

LOL Is that from a Goodbye Yamasaki? As the rest are in suits?

awesomeness :D

[quote="Vega":p85925tt]awesomeness :D[/quote:p85925tt]

Your welcome, yeah it’s a pretty awesome clip! ^^
You have a kool avatar btw, if you like Tomochika Yukiko…then you should check out this post =D

its from Goodbye Yamazaki.

HAHAHA!!! Never saw this one before :clap:

anyone save this video before youtube delete it? haven’t seen this one :(

pls re-upload this video…