Yamazaki & Aya's Wedding


[size=134:2nft6rw2][b:2nft6rw2][url=http://www.pandora.tv/my.generalkor/33078637:2nft6rw2]Watch Here[/url:2nft6rw2][/b:2nft6rw2][/size:2nft6rw2]
for Yamazaki’s tears :')


Here’s the d/l link just in case…

FYI: There isn’t any Manzai on here…

[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G6T9B2E0:iipphn8y]GNT 11.04.01[/url:iipphn8y]

They we’re crying, there are two possibilities with that:

  1. They’re sad they’re losing the freedom of being single.


  1. They’re just really really Happy.

I hope it’s the latter :D