Yamazaki Ichiban!!

Hey! Hello everyone! I used to have this song but i lost my Ipod (I don’t remember where did i left it :P )

Does anyone of you have it?? I remember that there’s in a CD with other songs ( :D )… I mean… Songs of the television network… Or something like that…

It’s the song he plays when he comes out to fight versus Moriman… The lirycs goes kinda like this:

Yaaamazaki Ichiban… Yaaaamazaki Ichiban… Yamazaki i-chi-ba-n Yaaaaaaaaaaamazaki ichiban…

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8BWT840U48:1mu0hib7]This is for the ones who doesn’t know WTF am i talking about:[/url:1mu0hib7]

If anyone have it please share it… :D

here are some mirrors to the mp3


HAHAHAHAHA, Awesome homeless, Never thought i would here that song again:D

It was used in the vs moriman fights right?

I found this in youtube…
the OST of cartoon one…

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlKKMRXxy30&feature=related:piavr5kx]Yamazaki Ichiban[/url:piavr5kx]

Heyy guys do u no yamasaki’s entrance song wne facing moriman its yamazaki ichiban and its another 1 buh i dno the name 2 it
dus any1 no? Please let me no thanks :)