Yamazaki Image Transformation Plan (subbed)

Just completed this one, sorry the quality is not the greatest. Anyway hope you can enjoy it!


Download available on my blog.

Well, that was … weird.


[b:1s7gbfca]I search the original video (RAW), without the subtitles.[/b:1s7gbfca]
-#176 - ヘタレ Yamasaki makeover plan ! I am a leader of the valets !! - 1993.04.25
-176 1993/4/25 ヘタレ山崎イメチェン企画!俺が番長だ!!

Sub version : Yamasaki makeover plan: http://www.putlocker.com/file/ED555F5F01C3CC6B#

Thank you to you to help me.
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[b:1s7gbfca]EDIT : 19/10/2012
It’s not OK :( [/b:1s7gbfca]