1: Tanaka Naoki

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Here is me being bored and an opportunity to better some of my Japanese. I have no favoritism towards Tanaka,it was just the first number. My Japanese isn’t good enough to sub completely, but I can read and understand most of the writing with a dictionary to fall back on for what I don’t understand. People able to sub this kind of stuff probably are in the Native level of Japanese comprehension with a fairly good knowledge of comedy and popular culture.

The announcer says: “Reveal your answers” for the cast, then he says “World announcement” for Tanaka’s answer. Here are all the questions aired:

  1. Hobbies?
    -watching movies

  2. Astrological sign?

  3. Blood type?

    • O
  4. Favorite type of pot dish?

  5. When was your first love?
    -3rd grade (all of them answered with an age)

  6. What was your first love’s name?

    • Natsu Ogawa
  7. What do like about your partner(wife)?
    -good socializing with people

86 Favorite folklore
-Shitagiri Suzume (the sparrow who lost his tongue)

  1. Favorite animal

  2. If you were able to go back in the past, to when would you go?
    -second year of middle school (Endou says he was in the same class)

  3. If you were to take one person out drinking, who would of the cast
    would you take?

  4. Of the 4, who do you consider dirty?
    -Yamasaki (Hamada said that it was an immediate reply.)

  5. Of the 4, who do you consider black-hearted?
    -Matsumoto ( Matsumoto says he’s “Pure pure pure!”)

  6. How many floors does his apartment building or (his apartment) have?
    - 3

  7. Who has he been talking with most lately on your cell?

  8. Which device from “Doraemon” would you like most?
    -“Moshimo Box” (what if box)

  9. How much do you usually carry in your wallet?
    -about 70,000 yen (about $775)

  10. He often gets lectured by his wife about what?
    -she wishes him to talk more

  11. During the days of middle school, who was your favorite Yoshimoto geinin (comedy group)?
    -Norio Nishikawa

  12. What song do you remember best from “Boom” (band)
    - erimakitokage (frilled lizard song)

  13. What town does he want to live in?

  14. Favorite flavor of gum?

  15. Which animal would you want to ride?

  16. Where would want to travel with your family?

  17. What would you want to definitely have in a Bentou?(lunch box)

  18. Tanaka would definitely put salt on what food?
    -boiled egg

  19. Tanak would definitely put ketchup on what food?

  20. If you were an old man, where would you want to live?

  21. Which class reunion era would you like to do most?
    -2nd year middle school

  22. Among your friends nicknames, which have you found most interesting ?

Endou obviously won and he got a present. That present was “Meet Tanaka.” Tanaka was like “Oh, it was you who won” and they play nice friend music after seven hours and fourteen minutes of questions.

Wow, thank you MIKELEE0045!
It’s a pity that none (as far as I know) of the 500 Quizzes is subbed or translated.

Tanaka sure loves wiener, maybe the answer for a quarter of those quizzes is that.


I have subbed this episode now and need someone to time it since i have no idea how to do it. Please reply here if you feel like you want to do it. The subs are not complete but I still tried to translate everything i could to train my Japanese. Right now so have i written all lines in a notepad file one line per row. If there is anything I should change about this please tell me and I will do it before uploading the file.

Looking forward to subs!

Same here

I am done with the subs now. It took a while because I had much to do with school and other stuff. This is my first sub ever so I am sure that there are a lot of errors both in the translation and in the grammar. If anyone wants they can always tell me the problem and I’ll fix it.

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8AV7LL2T

^Tack så mycket.

Could someone upload the episode to a DDL service like Megaupload? Thanks in advance.

I was just about to ask the same thing, I can’t seem to download from veoh anymore

Sure I’ll start upload the episode now.

Edit: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M552EO6T

Thanks for the subs and video!

vvv success! vvv

Yeah I have noticed that sometimes as well when I am trying to download something from megaupload. You’ll just have to wait. ^^

Tack igen! :clap:

[quote="MiseryMachine":12vzps9q]Tack igen! :clap:[/quote:12vzps9q] Varsågod. ^^

BTW I am planning to start sub the 500 questions episode about Hamada soon and I’m hoping that it won’t take as long time as this one did.

your sub file dont work i open it with vlc player but till no subs

Try Media Classic player: File — Load Subtitle…

Works fine for me.

:confused: having trouble with this download limit exceed thing, cant DL the subfile. :@

[quote="yrkmn":h3o78z24]:confused: having trouble with this download limit exceed thing, cant DL the subfile. :@[/quote:h3o78z24]
Here you go: