1: Yamasaki Produce

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Does anyone have a mp3 download link for Matsumoto’s song?

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


I was a little surprised to find out all these songs were written by Yamasaki. They really aren’t that bad and this one was particularly nice even though the most of the cast tries to turn it into a complete joke.

Well here is some karaoke/lyrics for ya. I had trouble finding the mp3. I tried extracting the audio from the video but the talking/ laughter kind of ruins it. And isolating audio ain’t no joke!

When translating lyrics, some interpretation is required. It is like translating a poem and usually it is harder than translating regular everyday Japanese. So I might have interpreted something wrong, so go ask Yamasaki himself what he wrote!


PINE BOOK (Romaji) (Written by Housei Yamasaki and sung by Hitoshi Matsumoto (obviously))

mou modoranai tokoro made kita mita na
furikaeru toki wa itsumo jibun no kage wo miru
sou sorenaraba yuku tokoro made yukou
sousureba kitto furikaeru koto mo nai
zutto shinjiteta taisetsu na omoi wo
dare ni mo jama sarezu sodotte kita kono kokoro wo
let it be let it be
kitto yareru sa itsudemo sou sa
let it be let it be
nani mo makenai shinjitsu wo tsukamu made


It seems I’ve already come to the place where there is no coming back.
When I look back, I always see my shadow.
Yes, if that’s the case, then I shall let it take its course.
If I do this, then surely looking back won’t be necessary.
All this time, I believed these precious feelings
wouldn’t be interfered by anyone. For this raised heart of mine to just
Let it be. Let it be.
Surely I’ll be able to do it at anytime. That’s right.
Let it be. Let it be.
I won’t be defeated by anything until I catch hold of the truth.

Thank you for the lyrics! I also find it quite surprising that Yamasaki had written all the songs, that’s incredible!
I love the Yamasaki Produce series! Does anyone have this episode uploaded on Megaupload? I’d really love to download it.

what is the translated lyrics for Beach Paddy? :?

youtube has deleted the video.
what’s the episode number for yamazaki produce 1? so i can search it @ veoh XD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfrSSKgo … re=related

anyone that have the full episode for this please upload to mu or mf or any file host pls 8)

Does anyone have the mp3 of Pine Book without the laughing? I don’t really get the first post.
Thank you. :sweat:

Anyone have the Tanaka part to this one?