#13 (Chocolate)

Gaki #657 2003.05.04
13th Kiki Chocolate


Hey! Just found this episode on my Gaki files… Here’s the download link:


Here are the subbed versions of the chocolate series…

part 1: [url:bykwzg29]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfcQf4T0eSI[/url:bykwzg29]

part 2: [url:bykwzg29]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFLVvMKBG3Q&feature=related[/url:bykwzg29]

part 3: [url:bykwzg29]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD6Z8_U9B1A&feature=related[/url:bykwzg29]

my favorite part is when Hamada slaps Yamazaki with the package of chocolate on part 1. and Yamazaki responds “i just want to have fun…” and he looks so sad when he says it… :lol:

enjoy! :D

I love the look Yamazaki gives Matsomoto when he takes the towel away and Matso knows its the wrong chocolate. :shifty:

Are there any other subbed versions besides this one and the coffee?

Uhm, what did Yamasaki do that he get hit by Hamada (5:20)? D:
Not that I feel bad about that …

Kiki Theme: Chocolate
Winning Prize: 100.000 Yen & Star
Batsu: Blow Dart to the Ass

Is the MU subbed? If its not, any surviving link of the subbed one?

[quote="rich8606":38hlmu4z]Is the MU subbed? If its not, any surviving link of the subbed one?[/quote:38hlmu4z]

Here you go:


[quote="bricktop07":2qbhxd91][quote="rich8606":2qbhxd91]Is the MU subbed? If its not, any surviving link of the subbed one?[/quote:2qbhxd91]

Here you go:


You da man!!!

[quote="bricktop07":8leiqlnp][quote="rich8606":8leiqlnp]Is the MU subbed? If its not, any surviving link of the subbed one?[/quote:8leiqlnp]

Here you go:



New Download Link
Subbed Version :) Have Fun Watching.



This one make me feel very uncomfortable. When Hamada slaps Yamasaki is he joking around? If so, he’s a darn good actor. I asked my boyfriend what he thought and he too could feel the cold atmosphere on the set. Matsumoto and Endo looked uncomfortable too. And then Yamasaki looks very upset!
If Hamada was serious is it just because Yamasaki wasn’t paying attention?
Thank you for answering. It kinda bother me, as I always loved the chemistry between those 5! :(

It is an act really. Though I don’t think in the sense that its fully scripted, since Hamada just randomnly does seem to hit/slap people (he does say he can identify with the woman in the Police Batsu slapping people with the shoes :D ). But I think the cast have gotten good at doing improvised reactions to it (its part of Yoshimoto agency training for [url=http://www.wired.com/underwire/2012/11/ff-japanese-tv-punishment-games/all/:27oxql3h]comedians to learn how to elaborate to a more funny extent their initial reactions to different things according to this article[/url:27oxql3h]). Especially Yamasaki has a lot of experience of course, he’s been getting slapped around by Downtown since the early 90s. I’ve seen him receive worse than a slap to the face (even Matsumoto has dished out worse in the past) :o I wouldnt take it too seriously, since the cast obviously don’t after all is said and done. :)

For example this sequence of events from an early 93/94 quiz show Hamada hosted. Yamasaki keeps backtalking to Hamada whilst trapped in the quiz loser cage. which of course Hamada doesn’t take kindly to and starts sharply trying to kick Yamasaki to the point of destroying the set. Yamasaki starts crying and the audience even start to go "aww" (which Matsumoto cracks up at). But if he was really as scared/upset as it looks, then Yamasaki wouldn’t then continue to spur the act on by backtalking him again and getting hit in the face (which they can’t help both laughing about after).
Rest of the GIF sequence here:

http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/post/452 ... ing-hamada

Here’s the episode if you want to see it (no subs):


At the end of the day Hamada and Yamasaki do respect each other. And there are moments where the act is turned around and Hamada is supporting Yamasaki:
Source of 2nd GIF: http://gakinotsukaigifs.tumblr.com/post/44556440389[/hide:27oxql3h]

Or Yamasaki is hitting Hamada (I admit that one is rarer :rofl: ):

As for why he got hit in this episode, as far as the subtitles go, I think Hamada felt that Yamasaki was trying to trick him by looking off to the side. Which could appear as if he knows something about Hamada’s choice but not enough of a hint to tell him either way if he’s right or wrong. In each Kiki its a running gag that he’s always trying to make out if the casts expressions can give him any hints. Yamasaki says that it meant nothing and to make sure he doesn’t confuse him again Hamada slaps him with the bar of chocolate. Then Yamasaki takes that and runs with it, by staring at Hamada unwavering in where he looks to the point of making him uncomfortable. :lol:

Thank you for your reply. I know Hamada is the sadist of the group and hits randomely, and I get it totally. This time it just felt weird. Maybe because it was unscripted as you said.
Good, I am relieved! By the way the GIF with Hamada comforting Yamasaki = :inlove:

Glad to of been a help. :D
I think theres a lot of unscripted stuff in Gaki no Tsukai though you can never really say for sure I guess what is and isnt, I suppose it can only be speculation from a viewer perspective. But overall I think they do a lot of improv here and there so from their professional perspective it probably didn’t feel out of place. :) Yamasaki can at times improvise at making things look more serious than it is, he was on a "Who is the Liar?" show and made people believe he was terrified at being face to face with a real tiger (when [url=http://i.imgur.com/b3xtAZ0.jpg:381o4x71]really it was just a guy in a animal suit[/url:381o4x71]). :rofl:

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