2017/2018 Batsu game

Hey guys! Any news about the 2017/2018 Batsu game?

It’s nearly that time of year again, but they usually shoot it near the end of October/ start of November.

I am sure someone driving by the bus will get a quick photo op of it.

Should be interesting. I can’t wait.

If there was no episode last sunday, it probably mean they recording the batsu ?

[quote="angelpick":102s3su1]If there was no episode last sunday, it probably mean they recording the batsu ?[/quote:102s3su1]

It was election day this past sunday (+ Typhoon). Gaki will return next sunday

New Information:

And here’s the bus spotted!!! Is that who I think it is???

Heipo Central Police?

[quote="KyuketsukiElite":1eacbzcw]Heipo Central Police?[/quote:1eacbzcw]

Heipo State Police Department? Not sure


Is that a sheriff’s star on the side of the bus? Maybe it’s set during the wild west times… That would be cool.

People on Reddit are saying that Heipo is this year’s mascot because Suga is no longer with the team. Anyone got details if this is true and why?

Someone from reddit got some new information about this years batsu from Housei:

[quote:1yknbh3b]I went to a rakugo show with Housei yesterday. Rakugo is this traditional comedy show where a comedian tells funny stories. A bit like stand-up but they are sitting down. Housei was really funny as expected, but he started by telling a little bit about this year’s No Laughing Batsu Game.
He said they had finished recording the new game two days ago (the 8th I guess) and that his butt still hurt. Then he went on to say that the batters are actually other Yoshimoto comedians, and that they have been the same people for the last 10 years. Meaning they had gotten better and better at hitting their butts. He stated again that it may not look like it hurts that much, but it really does.
Then he said this year everything had changed. Completely different he said, please look forward to it, he said. He didn’t give any details, though…
Last thing he said was that Jimmy did them in yet again this year. 12 years in a row Jimmy has made them suffer with his beyond-anyone-else level of comedy.
Not that much information, but I thought I should share it.
Looking forward to this year’s batsu game as always![/quote:1yknbh3b]

If this is true, i’m more excited about this years batsu, than i’ve been for many years now. I’ve been waiting for them to change things up, and it sounds like it’s finally happening this year :o

Official Announcement: [url:11i08py2]http://www.ntv.co.jp/gaki/special_2017/index.html[/url:11i08py2]
No Laughing American Police

First pic from endo instagram ;) ;) ;)


ha! Don’t Laugh American Police

I can’t wait, wonder if they will have one of them put on a attack dog suit and get bit by a police dog. Hopefully we will get some streaming news soon. :)