2022-2023-2024 Batsus?

Does anyone have any information on what has been going on in the past three years?

if i’m not wrong the last Gaki Batsu was : Las Vegas (2020/21). They stopped Batsu games because medias and televisions claimed that theirs shows gave bad ideas to kids and bullies at school, because laughing at “pain” or at people being hit is ba~~d. They are right, it’s bad, but since people can’t differentiate between shows and reality, and since parents can’t educate theirs kids to act properly with theirs comrade at schools, our dear comedians had to stop because of theirs tv company pressure, and that’s it !

Also because of Covid it was suspended the following year after Las Vega’s, It was clear with the Vegas one that what they could do was very limited under the rules at the time. And If you notice it just ended with not finaly. Maybe something like that may appear at a later date but with new casted.

Thank you for the information, it is a shame to see that happen, especially when COVID first hit, then came the pressure. I am sad that had to happen but I do have all the old episodes to rewatch and enjoy the nostalgia.

Even if part of the cast comes back in the future, that would be a surprise, given Matsumoto and Hamada are in their early 60s. Tsustkei(sp?) and Cocorico have another decade at least before they get there. Some new blood would be entertaining for sure.

They could have let the concept of “laughs are forbidden” but instead of being hit, they would replace that by money punishment, or different kind of punishment (like they did in “cosplay bus” or at the end of “Matsumoto technician challenges”).

But from my point of view (and it’s a personal feeling), Batsu games became less and less original and funny to me (especially the 2 last ones), it was more “Hey, let’s invite as maximum of celebrities possible”, it was more like a meeting between celebrities doing ridiculous dances, rather than humorous traps and subtle jokes. It’s funny for Japaneses since they know all those actors and singers or notorious people, but for a foreign spectator, watch a random guy dancing, doesn’t trigger a laugh.

Having new locations and not reusing the same primary building every time would have mixed things up. I did enjoy the airport, newspaper and hotel ones as they had original locations used. It did get noticeable with as I recognized the same interior layout year after year for the main building. A different bus would also have mixed things up more as well.