#21 (Ponzu)

Gaki #880 2007.11.25
21th Kiki Ponzu


hahahah heipo is hilarious even when he’s talking normally.

Megaupload link:

Thanks for the MU link :clap:

Kiki Theme: Ponzu
Winning Prize: 100.000 Yen & Star
Batsu: Hit by Huge Ponzu Dressing

Go Go Heipo Go!

Thanks so much! :inlove:

Does anyone know if there are subs for this one?

rochila - if there were, you’d see them in the post.
Unfortunately, none yet.

[b:1gm474sf]Download from color=#d11e00:1gm474sf[/color:1gm474sf] :[/b:1gm474sf]

Kiki Series 21 - Ponzu.avi (291.7 MB)

https://mega.co.nz/#!SV53UKCY!dXtQ2hHBR ... 5JgW45a1-o

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