#23 (Natto)

Gaki #946 2008.11.09
23th Kiki Natto


wai~~ matsuoto is really close~ too bad~~

great thnx for the upload

mmmm natto. this episode makes me crave it.

Megaupload Link


Black Gaki subbed this one, but his You Tube video got taken down. Can anybody reupload it?

I know this is gonna be a stupid question…but…what does natto taste like anyways?

I don’t think it’s that hard to find natto in the US if there are some Asian stores around you. And it’s not expensive. Trying it yourself is the only way to know because it’s really hard to describe.

Just as a warning Mi-chan - it is a VERY acquired taste in my opinion, so if you try it … try not to have any expectations, because most likely, your expectations will be far off.

If you expect it to taste horrible, then you win!

Cause you’d either be right, and not disappointed…

or, wrong and be pleasantly surprised!

thank you ^^

[quote:2khw9n7d][i:2khw9n7d]Originally posted by Dynasty[/i:2khw9n7d]
Black Gaki subbed this one, but his You Tube video got taken down. Can anybody reupload it?[/quote:2khw9n7d]
I have the first 8 minutes subbed, seems I accidentally deleted the rest at some point…

Thanks ^^

Kiki Theme: Natto
Winning Prize: 100.000 Yen & Star
Batsu: lifted up by the b*lls

auwwh :rofl: poor ma-san he was sooooo close till the end D8

I can’t watch it… there’s no subtitles on the video… please anyone,help me… should I download the video first then download the eng subs, or anyone who could post the subs… pleaseee… anyone? huhuu… ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(
i really want to wath hamada’s face when he got the punishment… i saw the clip and it was extremely hilarious…

There is no sub at all.
Zurui and eChie will eventually do it.
They’re doing it in chronological order, so you have to be a little patient.

Download Link
RAW (unsubed ) version, but still fun to watch :)



looking forward to watching this subbed someday! ;D

[b:17wmgycd]Download from color=#d11e00:17wmgycd[/color:17wmgycd] :[/b:17wmgycd]

Kiki Series 23 - Natto.mp4 (400.3 MB)

https://mega.co.nz/#!WJwTkYbY!D138Piuz8 ... R1o3JUmx_w

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