24 Hour Tag (1999)

[b:1ebryx2b]24 Hour Tag (1999) [/b:1ebryx2b]

A batsu game that took place over the period of 24-hours (on 10-17-99) where all, except Matsumoto, were locked in a sports arena, playing "tag" with various Oni (demons) (who, here,—except for two or three instances {that were on film},—were men dressed in full-body black suits) that were "summoned" to attack at random moments, each with a specific type of punishment written on the suit to be inflicted whenever the victims were tagged. This batsu game is the result of Matsumoto winning the race against the 4 others in "Gaki no tsukai - 4 tai 1 100m sou Taiketsu!


Length 1:52:47
Resolution: 624x424 xvid
Audio bitrate: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps (Japanese)
Size: 846 MB



[b:1ebryx2b]Megaupload mirror-link[/b:1ebryx2b] (thanks to OrosaMx for uploading)






[b:1ebryx2b]Video for Rupan’s sub release[/b:1ebryx2b] (torrents also contain the relevant subtitle files)


DVD Cover:

[quote:1ebryx2b][url=http://gaki-no-tsukai.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3:1ebryx2b]24 Hour Tag Batsu (1999)[/url:1ebryx2b][/quote:1ebryx2b]



Get it by torrent: [url=http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/thread.php?threadid=77:qyaclguy][TORRENT] Get 6 Batsu Games at once[/url:qyaclguy]

I remeber the part when they tryed to hide from the onis. Also Heipo was fun XD

Thank You now I can watch it all. :D

can anyone tell me what Fujiwara wass saying everytime he walks inside the gym? I meant the japanes roomanji of what he’s saying…

thanks in advance!

hello im new here … is this btw subbed already?

sorry subs at the bottom … didnt see it …

Hey! I got a mirror in MU in one link:


(Unsubbed) :P

so the video is seperated in 2 files ?? cuz i just checked the sub file and its only 1 sub file so is there any way i can get the video in 1 file ? or is it because the second part is a recap or something like that ?

Thanks Orosa, highly appreciated ;)

Is the Orosa file the Rupan sub vid or the other one? Cause TPB is down for me, was wondering if there were any mirrors.

I have uploaded the 6XX MB version of this video (the one thats in the torrent). This video is in sync with Rupan’s subs.

Note: subs is also included in the archive

Thanks to all.

Hi all
I’m REALLY new to downloading.
I dwnloaded all the Megaupload parts along with the SRT subtitle file, and now I have all of the files in a folder on my computer.

So… now what? How do I lump them all together to make just one file with subtitles?

Please help.

Hello shikamarulover and welcome!

Just extract the first part with WinRAR and the others will automatically extract and everything will join to a single video file.

When you’re done with this, just open the video file with VLC, then drag the subtitle file to the video, and it will work.

Thanks so much for the help, it all worked out!

Much appreciated! :)

You’re welcome, I’m glad it worked.

Have fun ;)

Just a small question, in the GakinoTsukai PirateBay Torrent, what is the different between the 671.4 MB file and the 3.95 GB file?

[quote:2apul079][i:2apul079]Originally posted by Otlichno[/i:2apul079]
Just a small question, in the GakinoTsukai PirateBay Torrent, what is the different between the 671.4 MB file and the 3.95 GB file?[/quote:2apul079]
Most people won’t notice a difference in quality.
Spec wise the 3.95gb one has a higher bitrate, I deleted the 671.4mb one but I remember the bitrate was lower.
Imo just get the 671mb one unless youre anal like me :)

Thanks allot! :D The episode was hilarious! :lol:

Thank You…

Edit: Figured this out on my own, sorry for asking such a stupid question. XD