2nd Gas Nuki - Sushi Hee

Gaki no Tsukai Episode #743 (2005.02.07)
2nd Gas Nuki Sushi Hee


Props to MrBiggs132

[CENTER][size=200:336f4nxk][color=blue:336f4nxk]-Load it from RapidShare-[/color:336f4nxk][/size:336f4nxk] [url=http://www.directupload.net:336f4nxk][img:336f4nxk]http://s12b.directupload.net/images/090909/bgjmpehm.jpg[/img:336f4nxk][/url:336f4nxk]
[b:336f4nxk][ 182 MB | 24:10 Min | 640x480 px | No Pass ][/b:336f4nxk]

thanks a bunch for the post I edited your first post to show the veoh stream. I hope that is ok. :-D

Thanks again!

sure, thanks… think i got the wrong link up there^^

what link? The video goes to the 2nd gas nuki for me.

p.s. im about to send you a veoh link through PM with the gas nuki #1 if you feel like posting it like you did with this one im sure gaki fans will <3 you

Sorry for the misunderstanding, i meant that i didnt used the [veoh]-tags… the Stream itself now works for me too…

EDIT: and sure, i´m gonna do that :)

nvm works again

for me it says video doesnt exist ;(

Here’s the repost…My veoh account got deleted not to long ago

video does not exist on veoh :-\

btw, biggs, who’s that in your avatar?

[quote:swded6ai][i:swded6ai]Originally posted by drumatix[/i:swded6ai]
btw, biggs, who’s that in your avatar?[/quote:swded6ai]

That’s Yoshizawa Hitomi.

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


Due to the complications of RapidShare and Veoh (Being blocked in my country).

Could someone please upload the Gas Nuki to either MegaUpload or MediaFire…

I beg of you, Please.

anyone got a working veoh link?

I have this sitting in my archives, uploading to MU. Be back with the link soon!

[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UXYQZ2BS:3r40ptx1]Sushi Hee[/url:3r40ptx1]

OMG Bunkie!!

I … We appreciate it so much!

Yep, I want to thank you also Bunkie!

I remember seeing this one with subs a year ago on Youtube, anyone know if those subs are around? I think they might have been just youtube captions.

-Working veoh link here:

http://www.veoh.com/group/gaki-complete ... 28mhJEXdGB