3: Ikko


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thanks but how am i suppose to understand the questions…

Q1. What is Ikko’s last name? Toyoda (none correct)
Q2. Ikko’s age? 45 (none)
Q3. Favorite color? Red (Hamada)
Q7. When was Ikko’s first love? 7 yrs old (Hamada)
Q8. What was Ikko’s first love’s name? Izumi Seijiro (none)
Q19. First place to check on men? Back (none)
Q25. Most beautiful country? Maldives (none)
Q32. How many points do you give yourself as a woman? 120 pts (none)
Q47. Who/what would you like to be reborn as? Ikko (none)

– 07.03.2012, 17:32 –

Q68. How many dates before a kiss? 3rd date (Yamasaki, Endou, Tanaka)
Q89. Dirties cast member? Tanaka (Yamasaki, Endou, Tanaka)
Q101. 1st piece of sushi to eat at kaiten (revolving) sushi? Negitoro (none)
Q132. What to shout out if seeing a robber? Fuzakenna (don’t be an idiot) (none)
Q157. Most treasured item? Family (none)
Q199. Favorite weather? Sunny (Matsumoto, Yamasaki, Endou, Tanaka)
Q263. Main thing noticing/thinking of nowadays? Bully/Teasing (Matsumoto)
Q298. First CD purchased? Mata au hi made (until we meet again) (none)
Q336. What switch do you push often? Sekomu (none)

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Tried translating all questions and answers, but I came up with some awkward translations.
Anyone who would like to check if translation is okay? :)


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