3rd Panties Removing

The Technician Challenge is for each Gaki member to remove as many as the Panties as they from the female manikins with just only there feet.

Gaki no Tsukai episode 855, Aired on 2007.05.20.
Video link:

Nice find!

Does anyone know the song at the end? Its nice.

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


this pandora player is not forking at least for now in europe , at least not in spain , black blank screen and that’s it , end of story.

can’te we have something else rather than pandora’s?

check tu.tv for example…

Spike is not the uploader, he post it here for our delight.

The embedded vids doesn’t work fo me either, but a doubleclick on the player solves the problem. I can watch it on pandora site without problems

[url=http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ref=em_over&ch_userid=generalkor&prgid=33142714:3n6lptrs]Try direct link[/url:3n6lptrs]


this video is hilarious,

does anybod have the MU mirror to this?

Any mu mirror pls? Is it with Eng subs?

HAHA!! the face that matsumoto makes at the beginning :clap:

nobody has a MU link?? dont need subs, but would love to have the episode downloaded…

New download link :) I was searching for subbed version but only found RAW one.
Still have fun watching


I completely lost myself at Matsumoto’s run.

Download link.
RAW version.


Download :