4th Yamasaki Produce

4th Yamasaki Produce


I just discovered that there’s a Yamasaki Produce forum along with the other categories up there… just in case people start to repost .__.

Yes I had Erhan make it after I posted this. I have yet to move it to the new category though. I will do it now. :-D

Is the DT-KING so they perform a take off a song ET-KING does and if so anyone know what song that is?

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


omg so it turns out the first letter of each line of “DK-KING” is hiragana/katakana…wow really nice song yama chan xDDD
if im not mistaken, yama chan mentioned in the end that they really did produce a cd featuring this song in japan right? maybe i can try to find it in osaka next month when i go there xDDD

Gaki no Tsukai #929 (2008.11.16)
4th Yamasaki Produce

Anyone know if the song they sing at the end of #929 is a song written just for the show or is it a song that ET-KING does? If it’s an ET-KING song, what song is it?