5 Rangers game and Matsumoto Challenges

Hey, can I request that the 5 Rangers game and mastumoto challenges get subbed? It doesn’t matter which challenge it is, preferably the baseball one. These are probably some of my favorites and I think they would be even better if I could understand them. Thanks in advance!

These are all the episodes of the 5 rangers game subbed, V-KeiGuy88 posted the links to the videos on Veoh. There are 13 parts and they all have subtitles and are pretty good.


Kinda hard to find because it’s not listed under just 5 rangers… I downloaded them from Veoh when they were first posted and had to remember who posted the thread to find them, but hope this helps!

Oh I meant the actual game that was on the show, where they would try to come out with all the different colors. This looks like it’s the skit. But either way this skit is hilarious and I’ve never seen all of them subbed. So either way thank you for the help, I appreciate it.

Ah ok so it wasn’t quite the right thing, but yeah the skits are really good though and are really one of those things that needs to be subbed to get the full effect.