6th - Nipple Kissing

6th Technician Chanllange Nipple Kissing Match
Gaki no Tsukai #924 (2008.10.05)


anybody know what he’s sayin durin his punishment

Here’s the episode in Pandora.




What did Matsumoto have to say toward the air as punishment (though, I still felt the embarrassment :| )?

I love this one so much.

[i:2psyp4w0][color=#8040BF:2psyp4w0]lol wow these 5 exceed very well to amaze me :]] <3[/color:2psyp4w0][/i:2psyp4w0]

I don’t know how to go to the link you put… Can you give an example on how to go there or just put a "clickable" link?

Thank you. :D

New Download link :)
Raw (Untranslated ) version but decent quality and still fun to watch ;)


New Link.
RAW version.


Download :